3 day workout split

Many people are so busy with their work-life balance that they don’t get time for exercise. But you can always opt for one, or two, or 3 day workout split plan to stay fit.

It is a workout plan that you workout 3 times a week. You can also opt-out for a 5-day plan which is discussed in detail. Also, a 3-day split workout is one of the best ways to build muscles. Furthermore, in this split workout plan, you have to start with the best 3 days of the week for building lean muscles and strength.it is the best plan for those who do not have much time for a 5 days gym plan.

The purpose of a 3-day split is to target a specific group of muscles in each session and to work them out in an isolated way. Also, for growing your muscles you need more sets and a rep. Moreover, A 3-day split plan is very effective for new beginners as it allows enough time for the recovery of muscles. In this plan, you will work out on one muscle group for one week and that muscles will be getting enough time for recovery in the next week. It is one of the best workouts for beginners because of its simplicity and ease and it can lead to your best results if you stick to this simple routine.

3 Factors To Consider Before Choosing a Workout Plan:

There are many factors that should be considered before choosing a workout split. These areas follow:

Workout schedule and availability:

This is very important to know how often you can train yourself in a week. how many days you are available for a workout plan. Also, If you are available 2 days a week you should be more creative with your workout plan. Moreover, being consistent and hardworking leads you to the best results.

Training experience :

Your training experience matters a lot. Also, If you are a beginner you can benefit yourself from full-body workout splits and if you are intermediate you can choose any of the workouts splits.


If you are trying to build muscles or you have a specific target, you have to choose your workout plan according to your goal but if you do not have any certain goals you can choose any of the workout plans.

3-Day Workout Split

There are two types of alternative routines for 3-day workouts. but before starting any workout, it is recommended to start with a warm-up.


Before you start to exercise you should perform warm-ups to prevent any injury and to make you prepare physically and mentally. Make sure to raise your temperature slightly higher up to little sweating and after that, you perform dynamic stitching and mobility drills.

Method 1: Pushing Muscle, Pulling Muscles and Leg Workout

In the start, you train your upper body pushing muscles such as the chest, tricep, and shoulder. On the second day, you start training your upper body pulling muscles i.e. back and biceps. Furthermore, On the third day, you train your legs.

The alternative method helps to minimize the indirect stress on another group of muscles when you are working on one group. For example, if you are working on chest muscles, automatically the shoulder and triceps are also working but on next training, you won’t be working on shoulder chest and triceps muscles instead you will be working on back muscles and biceps. 

Method 1 with minimal indirect stress gives you the option to work on consecutive days without resting although it is not recommended to do so.

Day 1: Push/ pull/ leg workout plan:

Day 1 includes working on (chest, shoulder, and tricep)

Bench press (chest, shoulder, tricep) 3×10

Incline dumbbell chest press( chest tricep shoulder)3×10

Dumbbell shoulder press (shoulder tricep)3×10

A Dumbbell front raises(front delt)3×10

Dumbbell side lateral raises(side delt)3×10

Tricep dip(tricep shoulder chest) 3×20

Tricep pushdown(tricep)3 x10

Day 2: (back bicep and abs)

Pull-ups( lats, trapezius, biceps)3 x max

Bent over barbell row(lats trapezius biceps)3×10

Bent over dumbbell row(lats, trapezius, biceps)3×12

Dumbbell bicep curls(biceps)3×10

Hammer curls(biceps)3×10

Ab exercise of your choice. 3 sets

Day 3:(legs and abs)

Barbell squats(glute, squat )3×10

Quad extensions(quads)3×10

Hamstring curls(hamstring)3×10

Calves 3×10, alternate straight leg calf exercise, and bent-knee calf exercise.

Ab exercise of your choice 3 sets.

Back extension 3×15( erector, glutes, hamstring, spinal)

Rest for 2 minutes between sets. It is recommended to do warmup before main exercises.

Method 2: Opposing Muscle Group On Same Training Day:

In method 2, you train the opposite muscles on the same training day. For example, if you do bench press ( chest, triceps, and shoulder), in the next exercise you will do (lats, trapezius, and biceps).

However, The lats and chest are opposing group muscles. Also, the same goes for biceps and triceps. Moreover, the biggest benefit of this type of split is you can work in the superset.

The superset is a set of training in which you do one exercise and move to the next exercise without taking a break after that you take the break and do the same again. However, two exercises in the supper set should not be of the same group.

For example, if you are doing bench press and tricep pushdown, this will not make a good superset as the bench press already has a tricep working synergist.

Also, some examples of the best supersets are bench presses and pull-ups.

  • Bench press 10 reps
  • Pull-ups 10 reps
  • One minute break
  • bench press 10 reps
  • Pull up 10 reps
  • One minute break
  • Bench press 10 reps
  • Pull up 10 reps

These supper sets shorten the exercise time a little but make your workout more challenging. So you can consider these supersets a helpful tool in burning fat and improving fitness.

Workout split plan as a superset

Day 1: Chest Back And Rear Delt

  • Bench press(chest,tricep,shoulder)3×10
  • Bent over barbell row( lats, trapezius, biceps)3×10
  • Incline dumbbell chest press(chest, tricep, shoulder)3×10
  • Bent over dumbbell row(lats,trapezius,biceps) 3×12
  • Pec deck (chest)3×12
  • Rear delt lateral raises(rear delt)3×12
  • Supper sets,1&2,3&4 and 5&6.

Day 2: Shoulder And Arms

  • Barbell shoulder press(shoulder tricep)3×10
  • Barbell bicep curls(biceps)3×10
  • Dumbbell front raises(front de)3×12
  • Dumbbell side lateral raises. ( side delt)3×12
  • Tricep pushdown. (tricep)3×12
  • Supper sets 1&2,3&4 and 5&6.

Day 3: Legs And Abs

  • Barbell squat(glutes and squids) no supersets
  • The quad extension (quads)3×10
  • Hamstring curl(hamstring)3×10
  • Seated calf raises( calves soleus)2×15
  • crunches(abs)2 sets.
  • Standing calf raises(calves, gastrocnemius)2×15
  • Twisting crunches(oblique )2 sets
  • Supersets. 2 & 3,4&5,6 &7.

Add weight when you manage to do two clean sets. theoretically, weight add is almost 60 to 80 percent of your maximum one rep.

Benefits of 3-day workout split

The 3-day workout split is best for those who do not have much time to spend in the gym weekly and want to build their muscles.

Also, it is best for those who want to stay active and healthy and gain muscles. Moreover, it benefits the majority of the people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs that we often get.

Is a 3 day split workout enough?

It can be beneficial to everyone for beginners and to the bodybuilder. A new person may not have enough time to do a workout every day so it is best for him.

Can I do a 3-day workout split twice a week?

Yes, a 3-day workout split can be performed twice a week after a 2 days interval between A and B workouts which hit muscles with different groups.

How many sets should you do per body part?

Generally, 1 to 3 sets of exercise can give you results, and sometimes even one exercise leads you to your desired result.to gain muscles and strength you must stick to your routine and concentrate on your exercise, reps, and sets.

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