A Perfect 5 Day Workout Routine

Exercise is essential for numerous health benefits. Everyone has their distinguished goals with workouts; some people do it to gain muscles, some want to lose muscle, some want to build their stamina, some want to enhance endurance, and move on. Physical activity such as exercise is enough, if you perform it for 3 days a week, proved by several studies. However, people’s plans vary according to their goals and some have 5 day workout routine to meet their desires.

Exercises also vary according to individual personal goals. Some like to go with cardio, some are more comfortable with strength-building exercises, and some like numerous others.

Why Five-day Workouts?

The five-day plan is for those who want to get extra out of their workout, that is why they must put extra effort to achieve their goals. It is best for such individuals who love to go to the gym and take good care of their physique. In this routine, they can blend in different exercises to build muscles, lose weight and get stronger as well. In addition to exercise, muscle relaxation is also important to prevent any fatigue or soreness in muscle; therefore, a five-day plan is the best to go with.

Things to keep in mind for 5 Day Workout Routine

The 5 day workout routine is made to help you achieve all the goals you associate with your body or physique. A person’s activity level plays a very important role in deciding the level of workout he should be doing. Before starting the routine, you must analyze what your activity level has been for the last three months. Then go with either beginner or advance, or medium-level workouts. Thus, while choosing the exercise keep the following points in mind.

1. Choose exercises according to your activity level

2. Your workout sets should focus on most of your muscles

3. Advance your sets with time to reach an advanced level

4. Change the composition so that it does not become boring for you

The Complete 5 Day Workout Routine

In exercise, our goal should be to activate as many muscles as we can without workout reps. Our major muscles include legs and thighs; chest and triceps; back and biceps; arms and shoulders, and abdomen muscles.

So, our workout combination would be to give a major chunk of the workout time to these muscles one day each, and the rest of the time to the rest of the muscles.

Continuously working out for five days a week can cause muscle fatigue or soreness. This lets split the week into two sections. Work out for three days and rest on the fourth. Then exercise for day fifth and sixth, and rest on seventh.

This gives enough time for muscle relaxation. This routine is for beginners, for advanced levels you can increase sets and repetitions. Furthermore, this routine doesn’t include warm-ups, but you must do warm-ups to prevent any injury.

Day 1 of 5 Day Workout Routine:

Chest and Triceps Workout - 5 Day Routine
Chest and Triceps Workout

Chest and triceps muscles are close, when we move one for the exercise, it helps the other one to build as well.

So the major part of the exercise will deal with chest exercises

  • 4 sets of wall push-ups, 6-10 rep
  • 3 sets of push-ups, 6-10 rep
  • Three sets of plank for 30-45 seconds
  • 3 set of bench press, 6-12 reps
  • Three sets of incline bench raise, 6-12 rep
  • 3 sets of High knee, 25 reps

Day 2 of 5 Day Workout Routine:

Legs and thigh workout - 5 day workout routine
Legs and thigh workout

Legs and thighs are some of the major muscles of our body. Their health is required for our overall health and could affect our workout routine as well.

Some exercises that you should do to maintain your legs and thighs muscles included in your day 2 of the workout are

a. 4 sets of High knee, 40 reps

b. 4 sets of jumping jacks, 30 reps

c. 3 sets of lunges, 15 reps each

d. 4 sets of alternate mountain climbers, 15 reps each

e. 3 sets of shoulder plank for 60-90 seconds

f. Add another if you want

Day 3 of 5 Day Workout Routine:

Back and biceps workout - 5 Day Workout Routine
Back and biceps workout

Another major muscle of the body that needs attention is the back muscles along with the biceps. Back muscles are important because they are almost all the weight of the body and help us in our movement. So, some of the exercises you should include in your Day 3 are

a. 4 sets of close pull-ups, 10 rep (set the weight accordingly)

b. 3 sets of incline curls, 10 repetitions

c. 3 sets of pull-down, 15 reps each

d. 3 sets of chest supported rows, 10 reps

e. 3 sets of push-ups, 3 sets of plank

f. Any exercise of your choice

Day 4 of 5 Day Workout Routine:

Rest - 5 Day Workout Routine

Gives your muscles a day to relax to prevent any injury, fatigue, or soreness.

Day 5 of 5 Day Workout Routine:

Arms and Shoulder workout - 5 Day Workout Routine
Arms and Shoulder workout

Arms and shoulder muscles are very useful for our day-to-day life. They bear all the extra weight we carry. Their strength is important, or else they could get sore if their care is not prioritized. Some of the exercises that could provide relief to arms and shoulders, and help in building their strength are:

a. 3 sets of Cable upright row, 15 reps

b. 2 sets of reverse flyes (alternative), 15 reps

c. 2 sets of power partials (alternative), 15 reps

d. 2 sets of hammer curl (alternative),12 reps

e. 2 sets of front dumbbell raise (alternative), 15 reps

f. Any exercise of your choice to spice up your workout.

Day 6 of 5 Day Workout Routine:

Abdomen Workout
Abdomen muscles workout

The abdomen muscles are the most important muscles of our body. Mostly our fats stick around the belly area and cause diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, etc. So, we should take care of our abdomen muscles. It provides your physique a good posture as well. The exercises you should do for your abdomen are:

a. Legs lift for 1 to 2 minutes

b. 2 sets of twist plank for 1 minute

c. 2 sets of reverse crunch, 15 reps each

d. 2 sets of cross crunch kicks, 15 reps each

e. 2 sets of side planks, 30 seconds each side

f. 2 sets of boat crunch, 15 reps

Day 7 of 5 Day Workout Routine:


Give your muscles time to relax and cherish after the days of continuous workout.


It is true to say that workout is beneficial for health. Following the five-day workout routine will help you to shape your body as you desire. It provides a full-body workout by tapping all the major and minor muscles of your body. However, the importance of warmups must not be forgotten. They help you to prevent muscle fatigues and soreness after or during exercise. These workouts are designed to cover your major chunk of muscles each day. You can add up one or two exercises of your choice, or you can increase or decrease the set of reps as per your activity and fitness level.

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