How To Relieve Leg Pain From Standing All Day

A human being is a social animal surrounded by thousands of tasks in a day to perform such as doing a full-time or part-time job, taking care of children, getting to school for education, doing home chores, etc. We perform most of the activities while standing all day. This could give us muscle fatigue or cramps in our leg muscles or foot pain. Your feet and legs bear the burden of our whole body weight. It is hard for many to relieve leg pain from standing all day. In this article, we have discussed this in detail.

Standing all day can make you feel sore feet, ankles, or calves. If your leg muscles are not relaxed and healthy, you would not be able to do your task in a productive way. Therefore, while standing all day long we should not forget about leg muscles health.

Why does leg pain happens to most of us?

Blood circulation plays a very important role in keeping the muscles healthy. However, blood flows from the heart to the upper part of the body and the lower part of it. But, it is hard to get back blood from the lower part.

So, if you are standing all day it could cause blood accumulation in the legs and feet area or more severely sometimes vessels leak blood to the tissues due to the pressure of blood.

Studies have proved that standing all day could be harmful to your health. What if you are not in a position to lose your job? Then you must perform a few exercises during the day to relieve the soreness in the muscles.

How To Relieve Leg Pain After Standing All Day

Here are some of the ways which will help you to relieve leg or foot pain or muscle soreness. Taking these in check during the day will not only treat your leg but also help you to prevent long-term complications.

Wear comfortable shoes:

Shoes, according to many physiotherapists, are the most common cause of muscle fatigue of the lower limb. Thus, while purchasing shoes we must keep some points in mind to prevent muscle pain and soreness.

  • The shoe must fit you correctly, and doesn’t allow any of your foot parts to move while wearing it.
  • The shoe must not have a flat sole or at least the sole must be ¼ inches elevated. Take the above points into consideration while purchasing shoes could relieve you from the pain or fatigue you feel due to uncomfortable shoes.

Legs on the wall:

After the whole day working when you reach home, you feel exhausted enough to go to bed and have a good sleep. Stop! Sleeping will relax you, but it will not relieve your leg muscle pain. So, take a few minutes, and try to stick your legs on the wall. Try to put your butt as close to the wall as you can.

This technique will help to relax the leg muscles by stretching. This will improve the blood circulation in the legs and feet. If it is hard for you to continue for a few minutes, you can bend the knees to relax.

Roll a rubber ball:

Your feet get stressed after standing all day because while standing your muscles don’t get the time to expand. They just only contract which causes leg or foot pain and soreness. Rolling a rubber ball with your foot can help to bring a solution to this problem. It will provide your foot and leg muscles to expand and improve blood circulation.

The technique is very good to perform because you can take the ball to your office as well.

Soaking feet in warm water:

For your feet and legs relaxation, soaking in warm water is a good option. For this, put some warm water into a tub and add some Epsom salt and essential oil (according to your choice). The Epsom salt will relieve muscle tension with the help of magnesium present in it. Moreover, the essential oils will have additional benefits such as relieving stress.


Massage is a very good option, but it can be costly. So you should adjust it in your budget once a month or more than that. There are so many massage providers out there which provide you perfect type of massages to relax and relieve your muscle cramp and fatigue. Choose any of them for the relaxation massage and get rid of your limb muscle fatigue.

Use of compression socks:

Compression socks are very helpful for the lower limb muscle veins to flow blood back to the heart from the feet. In this way, the blood will not pool in the leg and feet area. This would lessen the risk of the Spider or Varicose veins and prevent blood clots. However, while wearing the compression sock you might feel a little hot, which is much better in comparison to muscle pain and fatigue.

Apply Ice:

Ice is great to decrease the inflammation in our body. After standing all day our muscles get fatigued or start burning. Ice can relax the muscles and prevent burning.

You can freeze a bottle of water filled 3/4th. Add some water when you start icing your legs or feet. This water prevents ice burns.

Drink water:

Muscle cramps are very common when your body is dehydrated in essential electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, etc. Therefore, you must drink an appropriate amount of water or bring a water bottle to your work. Electrolyte balance can keep your muscle fatigue and cramps free with lesser headache and hunger.


We have discussed in detail how to relieve leg pain while standing all day. Getting relief is important because this pain just doesn’t stop at your leg. It could cause various diseases such as spider veins, blood clots, etc.

It could also be the reason for your lower back pain, high blood pressure, knee or hip arthritis, neck and shoulder stiffness, and might be chronic heart and circulatory disorder.

Therefore, we should take this fatigue or soreness seriously at the initial stages and take care of our legs and feet to maintain a healthy life.

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