What is Bungee and how to do Bungee Workout

The concept of Bungee workout was used for extreme sports so far. You are tied to an accurately measured stretching rope and a harness that supports your body weight and makes sure you can bear the jerk.

Exercising is the ABC of health. Specifically, after 25, it’s highly recommended to adapt to a regular workout for a healthy heart, body, and mind. But not everyone goes for a workout for multiple reasons.

Reason number one: It’s a workout, and it sounds like an office job. A lot of running, stress, stretching, and aching. 

Reason number two: It’s boring. Period! 

Reason number three: It needs a lot of stamina and is demanding, especially for old age and people recovering from injuries.

But regardless of the excuses, exercise is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So what options do you have that make exercising fun? Many will say go cycling, but that’s not an answer for everyone.

How about finding a workout that is more like fun than exercise?. And you will be excited to do it. Bungee exercise is the most excellent exercise, and the best part is its low impact on your joints, and it still helps you lose calories equivalent to a regular workout while having lots of fun.

What is Bungee Workout? 

The concept of Bungee was used for extreme sports so far. You are tied to an accurately measured stretching rope and a harness that supports your body weight and makes sure you can bear the jerk.
Now you’re pushed from an extremely high place, and you genuinely experience free fall. And just before you hit the ground, the harness and the extension rope pull you. It is keeping you hanging just the proper distance from the ground. And then you’re pulled up. It’s an adrenaline-rich experience you don’t have every day.

It was only later when the concept was used for fitness and workout purposes. However, it is relatively safe and very much fun.

What is Bungee exercise?

  • In bungee workout, the extinction rope is connected to the ceiling and a harness. You put on the harness around your waist, and it keeps your feet touching the ground.
  • Now follow the instructions. Squat and jump in the routine but having an extension to support your joins and your weight.
  • Hanging on a rope doing exercise promotes cardiovascular health, joints, and burning carbs. It feels like dancing and doing a circus and sweating without realizing it. The sense of euphoria takes over you. You can be a weightless astronaut, a gymnast, a dancer, or an adventurist.
  • Make moves with your trainer, run forward and jump into the air, let the cord balance your weight, and make you feel like superman for a second.
  • Now run backward, and when you think the cord’s tension, squat without jerking your knee.
  • Bungee jumping fitness is an art and fun, and with routine, you’ll master the moves like a pro. You’re burning as many calories as running on a treadmill or doing other exercises.

Health Benefits of Bungee Workout

Few health benefits of bungee workouts are listed below.

Enhance Core Strength:

Improves the core strength of the trainee. The exercise significantly strengthens your muscles through body-weight exercises such as press-ups, squats, and lunges. Once you can balance yourself on the cord, you can move on to jumping and twisting.

Heart Rate Pumping

Bungee is a combination of cardio and strength moves, helping develop a strong body and mind. In 20 seconds, your heart starts pumping a bit faster, as much as it does while running. The chemicals released by your brain are of pure joy and amusement.

Burning of lots of Calories

Activate the metabolism for the next 24 hours, along with burning 1200 calories.

Control and Mobility

It improves reflexes and mind-body coordination. Once you gain control and mobility, you move with suspension like an athlete; your body adapts to a rhythm that looks like a swan dancing on a cord.

A Solution to Joint Pain and Excessive Weight

Bungee workout is highly recommended for people with joint pain struggling with excessive weight or people who survived a surgery/injury and cannot take much pressure on their joints or bones. 

Helps you in Maintaining your Figure

Precisely if you’re 25 plus and don’t wanna go for boring exercises, Bungee’s fitness routine will help you maintain a hot figure, good reflexes, and excellent cardio health.

What Equipment do you need to Bungee workout at your home?

Bungee workout is all about a cord, a harness, and right moves. You can purchase the bungee kit from amazon or eBay any other online or offline store and connect to the ceiling. But we highly recommend you join a club.
An instructor with professional experience can guide you through the right moves. Bungee is smooth and too much fun, but one wrong move can lead to cramps, jerks, joint pain, etc. Plus, it’s always fun to do things in a group.
Another thing that we’d like to suggest is multi-layer clothes, only around your thighs and hips. Since the harness is tied around your waist and thighs, you better put on two to three layers so it doesn’t leave lashes or bruise marks. Do put on some nice joggers that help you move swiftly and go easy on your feet.

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