What to Wear Under Workout Legging

Sometimes we buy workout leggings that are see-through and are not made up of breathable material. Buying workout leggings, yoga pants, or tight for a workout is a greater concern nowadays and it is selected on the basis of its comfort, support, and Obviously to hide panty lines. If you go in random clothes in the gym it will not serve you well and you will not be comfortable with your workout. Now a day’s people have started wearing leggings almost everywhere whether it is a coffee bar or gym. However, with that, a question arises in minds of people what to wear under Workout legging? Here we are going to give you some options that you can use.

Obviously, if you wear colorful or black underwear under the legging it will show through the legging, and if you do not wear anything you will be shown nude. So, the question remains the same about what to wear under workout legging.

Most people avoid wearing underwear but it shows a panty line and some people prefer thongs but it disturbs their comfort level. For thongs, you have to position them correctly so that they do not ride up in the wrong direction and may cause irritation to private areas. Just make sure whatever you choose is made up of breathable, moisture-wicking fabric, and wash your clothes after every workout to prevent getting UTI infections.

So what can you do?

There are a lot of options that can solve your problems regarding What to wear under workout legging. Let us discuss them in detail.

Sports bra

A sports bra is a very helpful choice if you do yoga, running, or any jumping activities. A sports bra supports you to reduce bounce in any uncomfortable motion. Its design is ideal for twisting and bending.

Sports bras come in many designs and you can get any design to accommodate the shape of your top. You can also find styles that give you comfort without flattering your body. Always try to select sports bras that are made up of breathable fabric instead of cotton fabric. The breathable fabric will help prevent nipple chafing and make you more comfortable during exercise.

If you have a flat chest you can also exercise without a sports bra but you must keep in mind that nipple chafing is common while you do work out, bouncing, or jumping and only a sports bra can prevent it. The area under your breast is also prone to chafing so select the sports bra with smooth elastic and if the problem exists, use anti-chafing preparations.

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On the basis of the experiment, you usually come to know what type of underwear you should wear and what suits you. Everyone has a different shape and size. You may find out when you exercise that your underwear, bikini, thongs, shorts ride up in the wrong position and irritate you. So it is best to choose wisely after testing different stuff that suits you while doing exercise and different workout activities such as Bungee Workout

Moisture-wicking breathable fabrics are preferred for workout plans however cotton fabric can be used for all-day except gym time. For workouts, you need fabric that transfers moisture from your skin. Cotton does not help in this situation.

While choosing underwear, go for smooth fabric and less design. avoid the designs that have laces or that have trim .elastic should not be very tight that it ends with chafing when you exercise.

Laser-cut underwear

Laser Cut underwear is best when it comes to What to wear under workout legging. They are best to hide panty lines and they look nice and comfortable under your leggings. They are made up of very thin,moisture-wicking fabric. Once the panties begin to crease, roll or start chafing, it’s an indication to replace your laser-cut underwear.


Wearing thongs are also a good option for freedom of movement and to avoid panty lines but sometimes you have to set thongs in the right direction otherwise it may ride in the opposite direction causing you irritation when you exercise. In some cases, it also causes vaginal infection. So look for a design that has a wider waist for your comfort. Most gym leggings have an inner lining so they don’t need extra underwear.

to prevent any type of skin infection, wash your underwear after every workout and try to keep your skin and genitals dry. You can prefer the Jockey brand for undergarments.


Shapewear helps you to breathe freely and helps you take pilates or yoga classes comfortably. It makes the whole exercise experience awesome Moreover, your instructor can see accurately what you are doing. Moreover, there are some shapewear designs that help you to wear your workout dress in public and make you more comfortable while going out.


Boyshorts are more stretchable, comfy, soft, and preferably not tight. They are great alternatives for those who want a bit more coverage. They are great for hiding panty lines. You can add laces to make the lines less abrupt. The boy shorts are seamless and stretchable with every move you make.

Camouflage with bruiser print

The bruiser prints of the leggings or any other outfits are best to hide the VPL line and to camouflage the panty lines. just choose a moisture-wicking fabric that transfers moisture away from your skin and is breathable.it can also be worn the whole day.

Waist trainer

Waist trainers are good to wear during a workout. They are available in many sizes and with customizing features. They are good for various activities and if someone loses weight it has a feature to fit according to the body size.

Waist trainers also make you sweat more and help you shed more pounds. If you want to sweat more and eliminate more toxins try to wear a latex waist trainer. However, it can cause irritation and breakout. So it is recommended to wear a slim tank under the trainer to avoid stinky odor and acne-inducing sweat.

Frequently asked questions:

What are the best things to wear under your leggings?

Try to choose underwear, thongs, shapewear, waist trainer, or anything that is comfortable and does not cause skin infections. try to choose fabrics that are breathable and moisture-wicking.

Why do you wear under seamless legging?

Obviously, if you wear black or colorful leggings under your cloth they will be shown out through your leggings. try to wear underwear of the same color or nude color.

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