When to take Pre Workout

We all know the impotence of exercise and when we have set some fitness goals and want to achieve them. Either it is about weight loss or building muscles. But sometimes, we need an extra push in the gym to keep moving. In this case, Pre-workouts are known as lifesavers, especially when you have low energy after a busy day. Pre-workout shakes and drinks are considered very useful in maximizing your power and getting more out of your gym time. However, it is very important for you to decide when to take pre workout. We will discuss this in detail

By taking pre-workout before exercise, you can work with higher intensity and your physical performance increases. Timing of pre-workout also matters a lot and is the bit about trial and error method, but the short answer to the question that when to take pre-workout is, you can take them 20 to 60 minutes before the workout. This article will discuss the importance of pre-workout and when to take pre-workout to get the best results.

What is pre-workout:

A pre-workout is a way to enhance your energy level and optimize your performance during your training. It also helps to do your physical activity with higher intensity for a long time. Generally, it comes in powdered form and is mixed with water. It is a combination of many ingredients that are helpful for health and a great alternative to all supplements you take before hitting the gym. A few different formulations of this energy booster are available in the market, but all have some beneficial effects. You can also use natural foods which may also act as a natural pre workout. When you are new to it, you might get confused about when to take it to get the best results. But for better results, timing matters a lot. In this article, we will also learn why timing matters in taking pre-workouts.

Why does timing matter:

So here is a question, does timing matter in taking a pre-workout supplement. Technically, you can take pre-workout at any time; however, if you want to get most of the energy from your pre-workout supplement, timing matters. Here are a few reasons for which the timing of pre-workout makes a difference.

Experience maximum energy:

Experience shows that you can get maximum energy from caffeine after its consumption of 15 to 45 minutes. You will also feel the caffeine effect after this period, but the full power you can enjoy from caffeine is in this period of 15 to 45minutes.

Avoid a crash:

You may have noticed that if you take a bunch of caffeine, firstly, you get a lot of energy, and after that, you may end up in a crash if you take your pre-workout supplements too early. Firstly you will experience more power, but if it does not have a long-lasting caffeine effect, you may experience a crash or a noticeable dip in energy in the middle of your workout.

Avoid sleep problems:

If you take a pre-workout too late in the evening, you may suffer from sleep disturbance. Caffeine does not let you sleep. So it is recommended not to take pre-workout supplements at night and to take it early and timely.

What is the best time to take a pre-workout?

The general rule to take the pre-workout supplement is about 30 minutes before the workout to get the best results.

If you take the pre-workout in this time frame, the caffeine gets enough time to get into the bloodstream, and you can get the maximum results. You can feel some effects of the caffeine right after you intake it, but the other ingredients, such as beta-alanine, take some time to kick in.

How much pre-workout you should take:

One can consume almost about 400 mg of pre-workout supplement per day. Before measuring your pre-workout, you must also calculate the amount of caffeine it has and notice how much you have consumed earlier. For example, one cup of coffee has 100 mg of caffeine.

Start low and slow:

Although you can take 400mg of pre-workout daily, it is not necessary to take it to maximize your energy. And, if you are new, it is suggested to start from a smaller dose and then increase it. Pre-workout is usually a safe supplement, especially if you are using a well-known brand. however, taking too much can cause some side effects, which are

  • Headache:
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Rapid heartbeat

A low and slow approach can reduce side effects, but it is also a good idea to consult your doctor before taking any supplement.

How late can I get pre-workout:

If your pre-workout supplement has caffeine in it, be careful not to take it too late in the evening. Caffeine has a half-life of 5 hours and remains almost 50 % in your system for 5 hours.

It means you can feel the effects of caffeine after 5 hours you consume it. For example, if you take 200 mg of caffeine at 9 am, your body still has 100 mg of it at 2 pm. So as caffeine has a high long life, the person who drank pre-workout in the evening may experience sleep problems. But everyone has different metabolic activities. Some people don’t face any trouble from caffeine intake, while some have to cut off their information very early to avoid sleep disturbance. If you have a training session in the evening, try a small scoop or stimulant-free pre-workout.

Final words:

Pre Workout supplements are designed to boost your energy levels to increase your performance, stamina, and power. They help to gain more from your session and the time spent in the gym by allowing you to work with higher intensity. Preworkout are generally taken half an hour before a session, and it helps to improve muscle strength, lean gain, and endurance. Taking Pre Workout consistently allows you to improve your physical activity, providing you energy when you feel low. It helps to achieve your goals faster by making you more confident in your training session and enhancing your physical abilities.


When should I take a pre-workout?

It should be taken 30 minutes before the workout. You can take it before leaving to the gym from your office or home.

What is a pre-workout?

Preworkout is a supplement aimed to boost your energy and improve your performance during workout sessions.

What are the benefits of pre-workout?

The main benefit of pre-workout is it improves strength and stamina and enhances your physical ability during workouts. It also helps to achieve the goals faster.

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